Hair Loss Solution

Hair pigmentation is the perfect solution if you’ve lost your hairline and feel like you want to get that youthful fresh look back! At Made Hair Academy, we have the solution for you for a better hair fullness with the help of scalp micropigmentation. Here you can create all possible hairlines according to your wishes.

scalp micropigmentation, allso known as SMP, also known as is a popular non-surgical hair loss treatment where pigment is applied to the scalp to mimic a natural shaved look and increase your hair volume. An SMP treatment is divided into 3 treatments for perfect results, where you successively build up the look to give a natural even look over the entire head. You can completely decide your own hairline yourself and get tips from our experts. Hair pigmentation can also be used to fill out the scalp and give it a fuller look. Scalp Micropigmentation is a treatment that always gives natural, good results. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between your own hair and the area being treated.


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Why Scalp Micropigmentation?

Hair pigmentation is one of the most common options against hair loss that actually gives guaranteed results. Hair loss always occurs and the solutions to hair loss are limited. Hair transplantation is the most common alternative that is usually used, but unfortunately not everyone gets results from it and you end up paying a large amount for little results and you get scars on the back of your neck. Therefore, haveScalp Micropigmentation
been a fantastic choice that can restore the affected area without any surgical intervention whatsoever. After you have finished the treatments, it is essential to maintain your result in the best way to increase the durability for as long as possible. But it is usually between 2-4 years on average. Since this is a permanent treatment so
the result never disappears completely and lasts, but it can fade a little over the years. A touch-up is always recommended after 2-4 years to refresh the result. Always when you do a touch-up, only do one treatment, because the previous results you have done also remain

Who is hair pigmentation suitable for?

There are several different situations in which hair pigmentation is suitable and it can be anything from not wanting to undergo surgical procedures with hair transplants or because you have lost too much hair as the results of a transplant usually do not give successful results. Usually, hair pigmentation is done when you have short hair or are completely bald. Since pigment does not grow, it is most appropriate to have the hair from 0.1-2mm for best results. It also all depends on how much hair you have in the foundation to get the best results from the treatment. If you are a 5-7 on the Nordwood scale and have lost your hairline and crown, it is recommended that you shave everything off for best results.
Thinning Hair

If you have thin hair in certain areas and are not quite ready to shave off your hair, you can fill in the scalp to give
there is an increased density in the hair where it is thinner. By applying pigment to the scalp, you get a fuller and more dense
look in the hair that does not reflect on the scalp in the same way as when you are “bald”. It is most recommended for you
which has hair in most places on the scalp and does not have any noticeable bald areas. Because the result should fill out the scalp
so you also need to have hair in the area to be treated to be able to give the hair more fullness. Do you have more hair?
head, you get a better result when you do pigmentation.

Bald spots or so-called stress spots are very common in our everyday life and hair loss can occur very easily when
puts himself under stress. With Micropigmentation, you can fill in the empty surfaces. If you want results as good as
if possible, it is important to have as short hair as possible so that it is not noticeable. Bald spots are absolutely possible
camouflage completely. But if you have large areas, it is recommended that you always shave off hair and fill in the bald areas
the spots.

When you are completely bald, there are unfortunately not many options left to choose from, and many choose to anyway
transplant hair with what remains which also results in even more thinning hair and large gaps between
the hair follicles that are transplanted because the hair follicles are weakened enough to be transplanted from one place to another
another. With the help of micropigmentation, you can fill in all empty areas and create a hairline to suit your own wishes
as well as decide exactly how clear you want the result to be. Our experts are always on hand to guide you to yours
dream result.
Filling in hairline


When it comes to maintaining pigmentation, it all depends on the person and how much hair you have left to work with. The less hair you have left on your scalp determines how often you need to shave to get as even a result as possible. We always recommend investing in a good shaver for best results and to reduce the entertainment time. If you invest in a good machine, it can take 2-5 minutes to shave everything off and the day can go on as usual. For example, if you have hair all over your scalp but a broken hairline, you don’t need to shave your hair at all, you can let it grow a few mm and still have excellent results. If you are completely bald like that and have a strong growth around the scalp, you need to shave more often to even out the result completely. Our absolute recommendation is that you shave your hair after 2-4 days at most to get the best possible results.

Density Work

In some cases, it can also be the case that you like to have a shaved look but the hairline is not quite the way you want it, and then you can always fill in the bald areas with micropigmentation. When it comes to the hairline, you can always adjust it exactly as you want. There are many different styles to choose from with the most common hairlines being a shaved look where the lines are more defined and clear like you have just come from the hairdresser while some want a more natural hairline that falls naturally and softly on the scalp where the results are so realistic that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between your normal hair and the one that has been treated. We always use special pigments that do not change color over time and it is a permanent treatment that will always remain.