What is included in the training?

  • Machine and all equipment included
  • Understand the science of hair growth
  • Define different types of hair loss
  • Overview of how an SMP treatment works
  • Know of different complications and different measures
  • Color mixing and storage of pigments
  • Know what equipment is required for the most detailed results
  • Advanced dotwork
  • Hygiene and preparation for treatment
  • Hold professional consultations
  • Camouflage scar tissue from previous hair transplants
  • Symmetry and anatomy
  • Practice a full SMP treatment
  • Pigment mixture
  • Briefing on how to prepare the equipment
  • Hygienic preparation before a treatment.
  • Advanced hairline technology and symmetry
  • Needle positioning
  • Equipment for your workstation
  • Certification from the Made Hair Academy

Duration: 2 days.